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Welcome to ABC Custom Framing and The Hideout (our gallery), Denver's premier frame shop, art gallery, and creative collective since 1965! Specializing in archival preservation and expert design, we offer a vast selection of moldings and mats, paired with warranted craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Our passionate team of art specialists and design associates ensures every project is treated with care and attention to detail. As new family-owners with fresh management, we continue the tradition of preserving memories and framing what you love. At The Hideout, we go beyond the gallery, providing a platform for marginalized voices and fostering community growth through outreach and support, with art studios and resident artists contributing to our collaborative safe space.



We believe in building strong connections with our customers, ensuring that every project is framed with love and care. We’re here to help you create something truly special. From artwork to family photos, let’s work together to transform your memories into treasures that will last a lifetime. Thank you Denver for being an incredible community! We are grateful for your continued support and we can’t wait to welcome you into our shop soon! 

Meet The CEO

Justin Roman Maes, born in 1985 in Thornton, Colorado, was raised in Northwest Denver and Northern New Mexico. His early talents in comedy improv, painting, drawing, writing, and filmmaking laid the foundation for his creative career.

In high school, Justin's interest in custom framing was sparked by high framing costs for his first professional art exhibition. Encouraged by his mother, he began working at Let’s Frame It in 2003, where he first developed his framing skills.

Justin earned a BFA in printmaking with a minor in art history from Metro State University of Denver in 2008. He then attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on a fellowship, receiving his MA and MFA in studio art and visual culture. While at UW - Madison Justin worked at the Chazen Museum of Art where he continued to elvolve as a fine-art framer. Learning preservation based techniques and deepening his knowledge of paper conservation, Justin developed the confidence and the expertise required to become a master framer. Post-graduation, he taught art courses as a university Instructor and continued to pursue his artistic endeavors.

In 2012, Justin returned to Denver and joined ABC Custom Framing, later acquiring the business in 2014 with the help of his family. In addition to rehabilitating the shop, he transformed its basement into a dynamic space for artists and musicians, fostering a collaborative environment.

Today, ABC Custom Framing employs six people and hosts five resident artists, known collectively as the ABC/Hideout family. Justin remains dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the art world, integrating traditional art with indigenous history, Chicano culture, graffiti, music, and performance.



ABC Custom Framing was established in 1965, originally serving as both a custom frame shop and wholesale supplier.

In 1989, Carol Mahoney acquired ABC Custom Framing (then ABC Moulding) and renamed it ABC Books and Posters. Under her leadership, the store focused on books and posters, with custom frames becoming a smaller part of the business.

In 2000, Carol's daughter, Maureen Coleman, began managing the store and took ownership in 2003. Maureen Initially changed the name of the shop to Coleman Framing but soon purchased a DBA and began doing business as ABC Custom Framing. Recognizing the rise of the online market, Maureen decided to phase out the book and poster inventory, returning ABC to its original focus on high-quality custom framing.


In 2014, the Maes family, consisting of three partners, purchased ABC Custom Framing from Maureen. The Maes family has preserved the legacy of ABC while infusing it with their extensive knowledge of fine art history and gallery/museum experience. Today, ABC is not just a custom frame shop; it is also a contemporary art gallery and a vibrant creative collective housing five resident artists. ABC has been located in the University Hills Plaza since 1965. 

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