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Preserving History: Custom Framing for Historical Documents

Preserve Your Story For Generations To Come At ABC Custom Framing, we understand the importance of preserving history and the significance of historical documents. Our expert team is dedicated to providing custom framing services specifically tailored for these valuable artifacts. With our conservation quality framing techniques, we ensure that these documents are protected and displayed in a way that will last for generations to come. Why Custom Framing for Historical Documents? Historical documents hold immense value, both in terms of their historical significance and their sentimental worth. Whether it's a handwritten letter from a famous figure, a vintage map, or an important legal document, these artifacts deserve to be preserved and showcased in the best possible way. Custom framing offers several benefits for historical documents: 1. Protection: Custom framing provides a protective barrier against dust, moisture, and UV rays, which can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of the document. Our conservation quality materials and techniques ensure that your historical documents are safeguarded from these damaging elements. 2. Preservation: Historical documents are often fragile and delicate. Custom framing allows for proper handling and mounting, ensuring that the document is supported and protected from any potential damage. We use acid-free mats, UV-protective glass, and archival mounting techniques to preserve the integrity of the document. 3. Display: Custom framing allows you to showcase your historical documents in a way that enhances their beauty and significance. Our expert framers work closely with you to choose the perfect frame, mat, and mounting options that complement the document and its historical context. Tips for Custom Framing Historical Documents If you have historical documents that you want to preserve and display, here are some tips to consider: 1. Consult with Experts: When it comes to custom framing historical documents, it's crucial to seek the expertise of professionals who specialize in conservation framing. At ABC Custom Framing, our team has years of experience in handling and framing historical artifacts, ensuring that they are preserved for future generations. 2. Choose Conservation Quality Materials: Opt for acid-free mats, UV-protective glass, and archival mounting techniques to protect your historical documents from deterioration. These materials are specifically designed to prevent damage and preserve the integrity of the artifact. 3. Frame for Longevity: Consider the long-term preservation of the document when choosing the frame. Select a frame that not only enhances the document's appearance but also provides structural support and protection. 4. Document and Label: It's essential to document and label your historical documents properly. Include information such as the document's origin, date, and significance. This will add context and historical value to the framed piece. Preserve Your History with ABC Custom Framing At ABC Custom Framing, we take pride in our ability to preserve the rich history and significance of historical documents. Our expert team understands the delicate nature of these artifacts and employs conservation quality framing techniques to ensure their longevity. Brows our website to learn more about our custom framing services and view our portfolio. Trust us to handle your historical documents with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Supreme Court document framed with an ornate gold frame and preserved with museum glass.
image of an abc custom framing employee repairing a historical document, preparing the document for framing

Two vintage gold coins framed with a document. gold ornate frame with red liner and gold fillet.

South Pole visitation certificate, medal, and patch. framed in a shallow wood shadowbox with conservation matting and uv-resistant glass.

image of an ABC Custom Framing employee consulting with a client about a 500 year old painting.

Old certificate that was found on the back of a really old oil painting


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