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Giving Back

ABC Custom Framing Gives Back

We want your help on deciding who and where to give!!


ABC is going to make a donation for each closed project. We are not asking you to round up. We are not asking for a match or a pledge. Where you would like to see the money go?

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit, public 501(c)(3) charity, from Shelburne, Vermont.


One Tree Planted has been able to plant 11 million trees in the ground since they started in 2014!


The time between your donation and the actual tree planting will vary depending on the region chosen and the time of year. (Planting usually happens during the rainy season, when the soil provides optimum conditions for tree survival.)


They remain closely engaged with their partners to monitor project progress and require reporting and photos at several stages over the life of the project, including an update on seedling production and site preparation, a report soon after planting is complete, and a follow-up report one year after planting. One Tree Planted is currently in the process of implementing monitoring workflows that incorporate geospatial technologies such as high-resolution satellite and drone imagery. These tools will enable One Tree Planted to further validate the long-term success of projects.

Art from Ashes

Art from Ashes (AfA) is a non-profit, public 501(c)(3) charity, from Denver, Colorado.


AfA has provided creative workshops with almost 200 partnering organizations for more than 14,000 young people who have survived traumatic events, are victims of abuse, neglect and/or poverty, and are at risk for or engaged in destructive behaviors.


Since they started in 2003, AfA has provided creative empowerment workshops to high-risk youth, facilitating expression, connection and transformation among the most neglected and vulnerable segments of our community. 


AfA’s 2019 survey results for all programs, when comparing responses to youth who submitted both pre- and post-survey responses, show that struggling young people are developing connections to their communities and that the curriculum produces in youth a deeper belief in themselves and their potential, leading to improved social and emotional skills and behavior. 

Ask Questions.....

If you would like more information about either organization please reach out.

Thanks for submitting!
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